Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lib-Con Coalition surprise

After an astonishing election night the United Kingdom now has a coalition government for the first time since 1974.  With the Conservative party leading the votes with 304 seats. However, David Cameron was unable to get a majority win of 326 seats due to a successful run of 258 seats to the Labour party and 57 seats to the Liberal Democrats.

Now that David Cameron has come into power his party has decided the cabinet and what roles each minister will have. surprise decisions like making Ken Clarke Lord Chancellor and George Osborne Chancellor of the exchequer. but there are many who are sceptical about the cabinet decided by Prime Minister Cameron and deputy-prime minister Clegg.

over the next 100 days the administration will face some of the hardest decisions a british government has had to make since the end of the Second World War with economy only recentley recovering from a global financal turn down. For labour supporters however, the next labour leader elections are only around the corner.


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