Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Archbishop Williams makes challenges over immigration comments

Rowan Williams released today that comments made by his predecessor Lord Carey on immigration were 'confusing' and show a 'lack of confidence' in our society's ability to learn. 

Lord Carey former Archbishop of Canterbury wrote in January that: "The sheer numbers of Migrants from within Europe and elsewhere put the resources of Britain under enormous pressure, but also threaten the very ethos or DNA of our nation. 

The Archbishop's comments occurred at a lecture he attended last night helping to be involved in the discussion of refugee's contribution to British Life. the audience at the Bloomsbury Theatre where the event was held, heard about the values of developing and maintaing intellectual freedom. Mr Williams said: "the survival of 'British identity' in the face of migrants and refugees betrays a lack of proper confidence in the capacity and the commitment of our society both to learn and to teach; it suggests a confusion about what matter to us and why." 

The discussion of Former Archbishop Carey's comments is on going after a rise in British National Party voters rose in the last general election. 


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