Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heckler of Julian Brazier MP explains his means

Jonathan Elliot From Whitstable was invited by his fellow members from the Green Party to attend the vote for the Canterbury seat at Westgate Hall on May 6th.

After it was announced that Julian Brazier was going to keep hold of his seat, the 41 year old started to heckle and shout at the conservative MP.

Whilst speaking to the Kentish Gazette newspaper he said: "I have no regrets, I wanted to show not everyone in Canterbury and Whitstable agrees with the Tory position. Julian Brazier is not representative of this constituency. He lives in a posh house out in the country, whereas all the other candidates live in either Canterbury or Whitstable". 

He continued by saying " earlier in the evening I tried to speak to Mr. Brazier asking him how his campaign was funded either from Lord Ashcroft or some other wealthy businessman". After his heckling Mr.Elliot was taken out of the room by Julian Brazier's two sons and a conservative party member. 

We would like to know whether you think Hecklers should be allowed there time to speak at public events? comment on this post or send an email 


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