Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Green Party win at Brighton a new start for british politics

One of the biggest surprises of the whole election results was the win and gain of the Brighton city seat for Caroline Lucas of the Green Party. however, its not the first ever win for the party in the United Kingdom.

Many think that Mrs Lucas is a charismatic woman who has potential as a politician to bring new stances on policy to a very two party parliament. The green party which has traditionally been very divided, chaotic and messy has been turned into something with potential and the chance to work hard for a country which many people believe has a broken society and an economic downturn that hasn't been seen since the end of the Second World War.

But what can Mrs Lucas bring to the table politically to help her newly acclaimed seat. Lucas, has shown in Brussels, where she has served as an MEP that she won't disappear at Westminster. Although she has no parliamentary party colleagues to support her, she has a voice that will be easily hushed. 

The green party itself has policies that support the scrapping of tuition fees, free prescriptions, eye tests and dentistry and good quality local services to serve the community. 

For more information on Caroline Lucas's seat or what she is up to go to



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