Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Green Party win at Brighton a new start for british politics

One of the biggest surprises of the whole election results was the win and gain of the Brighton city seat for Caroline Lucas of the Green Party. however, its not the first ever win for the party in the United Kingdom.

Many think that Mrs Lucas is a charismatic woman who has potential as a politician to bring new stances on policy to a very two party parliament. The green party which has traditionally been very divided, chaotic and messy has been turned into something with potential and the chance to work hard for a country which many people believe has a broken society and an economic downturn that hasn't been seen since the end of the Second World War.

But what can Mrs Lucas bring to the table politically to help her newly acclaimed seat. Lucas, has shown in Brussels, where she has served as an MEP that she won't disappear at Westminster. Although she has no parliamentary party colleagues to support her, she has a voice that will be easily hushed. 

The green party itself has policies that support the scrapping of tuition fees, free prescriptions, eye tests and dentistry and good quality local services to serve the community. 

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Heckler of Julian Brazier MP explains his means

Jonathan Elliot From Whitstable was invited by his fellow members from the Green Party to attend the vote for the Canterbury seat at Westgate Hall on May 6th.

After it was announced that Julian Brazier was going to keep hold of his seat, the 41 year old started to heckle and shout at the conservative MP.

Whilst speaking to the Kentish Gazette newspaper he said: "I have no regrets, I wanted to show not everyone in Canterbury and Whitstable agrees with the Tory position. Julian Brazier is not representative of this constituency. He lives in a posh house out in the country, whereas all the other candidates live in either Canterbury or Whitstable". 

He continued by saying " earlier in the evening I tried to speak to Mr. Brazier asking him how his campaign was funded either from Lord Ashcroft or some other wealthy businessman". After his heckling Mr.Elliot was taken out of the room by Julian Brazier's two sons and a conservative party member. 

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Archbishop Williams makes challenges over immigration comments

Rowan Williams released today that comments made by his predecessor Lord Carey on immigration were 'confusing' and show a 'lack of confidence' in our society's ability to learn. 

Lord Carey former Archbishop of Canterbury wrote in January that: "The sheer numbers of Migrants from within Europe and elsewhere put the resources of Britain under enormous pressure, but also threaten the very ethos or DNA of our nation. 

The Archbishop's comments occurred at a lecture he attended last night helping to be involved in the discussion of refugee's contribution to British Life. the audience at the Bloomsbury Theatre where the event was held, heard about the values of developing and maintaing intellectual freedom. Mr Williams said: "the survival of 'British identity' in the face of migrants and refugees betrays a lack of proper confidence in the capacity and the commitment of our society both to learn and to teach; it suggests a confusion about what matter to us and why." 

The discussion of Former Archbishop Carey's comments is on going after a rise in British National Party voters rose in the last general election. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lib-Con Coalition surprise

After an astonishing election night the United Kingdom now has a coalition government for the first time since 1974.  With the Conservative party leading the votes with 304 seats. However, David Cameron was unable to get a majority win of 326 seats due to a successful run of 258 seats to the Labour party and 57 seats to the Liberal Democrats.

Now that David Cameron has come into power his party has decided the cabinet and what roles each minister will have. surprise decisions like making Ken Clarke Lord Chancellor and George Osborne Chancellor of the exchequer. but there are many who are sceptical about the cabinet decided by Prime Minister Cameron and deputy-prime minister Clegg.

over the next 100 days the administration will face some of the hardest decisions a british government has had to make since the end of the Second World War with economy only recentley recovering from a global financal turn down. For labour supporters however, the next labour leader elections are only around the corner.

Cameron Gets Gassy in Medway

The leader of the opposition visited Gas workers at the LNG importation terminal at grain. However, none of the local press heard that Cameron was coming.

The 130 workers at the plant heard what the possible next prime minister had to say about the Conservative parties new policy on energy security. Local conservative candidate Mark Reckless heard of the visit but thought that matters had been sorted by the regional press officer. According to information found out by the Medway Messenger, Mr reckless had been told of the visit and was supposed to tip off the press.

Asked on the visit the conservative party said It was a significant thing where decisions could be made to remove the climate change levy from the bills and instead charge the supplier and producer according to the amount of carbon they produce.

Damian Green Re-Elected as MP for Ashford

After being wrongly arrested last year Damian Green went on last night to be re-elected as Member of Parliament for Ashford for the second time. The constituency had a 6.3% swing in votes to the Liberal Democrats with their candidate Christ Took who came second with 12,581 votes. The town saw a turn out of  over 55,185 people vote with a majority for Damian Green of 17,297.

Mr Greens win was one of the many that the Conservative part gained last night in the Kent area to gain seats from the Labour party  in Hastings and rye and Thanet south.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Students call to Love Canterbury Hate Debt

Hundred's of students Met at Westgate Hall this week for a peacful protest along the highstreet calling to 'Love Canterbury Hate Debt'. The procession went to St Augustines house where they met local MP Julian Brazier and representatives of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. Aaron Porter, Vice President of the National Union of Students, went with the protest calling on students to vote in the next general election for 'the candidate that will drop tution fees'.

All though Mr Brazier couldn't promise that his party would drop tuition fee's both the other party representatives were able to give firm statements saying they would.

As part of the campaign, local students went to local student nights and posted signs around the city to help gain support for the cause. for more information on this go to facebook or visit